Drop in
The Drop In is now being run in the church building every Monday, between 1000h and 1200h.
It is a place for people to meet, chat, help and encourage - whilst having a coffee.
If you need to have chat, or know somebody who does, feel free to join us.
This ministry is being led by Ron & Shellie Baumback, having been on their hearts for several years.
Our weekly sermons are available free at (
The Cross Worldwide - a Christian radio station, with different streams available for different music styles, is also available on our Podcast page.
The button is at the top right of the page.
Radio programme
A few weeks ago, an interview with Lesley and myself was recorded, for transmission on the Heart of the Matter radio programme in Scotland. 
If you wish to download the interview, I have made it available via Mega, as below:
Interview only:!L9cRnIiZ!F2vPIhQSy0YprZXqbjMrRbLrCq8AGsY6lwGJRSgV6iY
Full radio programme:!qpVhiApA!otlk8qzOWRuVn4IgrsdRDJiecE_yDhucmUTMQ5VV0iE
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